Estimated Shipping Times For Swimming Pools, Spas, and Swimspas

Once your order leaves our manufacturing center the shipping time is estimated below. Just look for your state to find the estimated transit time in business days. Please remember that these are merely estimates and may vary.

These are transit times only. See the Frequently Asked Questions for the product you are interested in to get an estimate of the lead time from when your order is processed until it is custom manufactured for you and ready to ship.

Continental United States

State Estimated Transit Time
Alabama (AL) 2-4 Days
Arizona (AZ) 5-6 Days
Arkansas (AR) 4-5 Days
California (CA) 5-6 Days
Colorado (CO) 4-6 Days
Connecticut (CT) 2-3 Days
Delaware (DE) 2-3 Days
Florida (FL) 2-4 Days
Georgia (GA) 2-4 Days
Idaho (ID) 5-6 Days
Illinois (IL) 2-5 Days
Indiana (IN) 2-4 Days
Iowa (IA) 3-5 Days
Kansas (KS) 3-6 Days
Kentucky (KY) 2-4 Days
Louisiana (LA) 3-5 Days
Maine (ME) 3-4 Days
Maryland (MD) 1-3 Days
Massachusetts (MA) 2-3 Days
Michigan (MI) 3-5 Days
Minnesota (MN) 3-5 Days
Mississippi (MS) 3-5 Days
Missouri (MO) 3-5 Days
Montana (MT) 4-7 Days
Nebraska (NE) 4-6 Days
Nevada (NV) 5-6 Days
New Hampshire (NH) 2-4 Days
New Jersey (NJ) 2-3 Days
New Mexico (NM) 4-6 Days
New York (NY) 2-4 Days
North Carolina (NC) 1-3 Days
North Dakota (ND) 4-6 Days
Ohio (OH) 2-4 Days
Oklahoma (OK) 4-5 Days
Oregon (OR) 5-7 Days
Pennsylvania (PA) 1-4 Days
Rhode Island (RI) 2-3 Days
South Carolina (SC) 2-3 Days
South Dakota (SD) 3-6 Days
Tennessee (TN) 1-4 Days
Texas (TX) 3-6 Days
Utah (UT) 5-6 Days
Vermont (VT) 3-4 Days
Virginia (VA) 1-3 Days
Washington (WA) 5-7 Days
West Virginia (WV) 1-3 Days
Wisconsin (WI) 3-4 Days
Wyoming (WY) 5-6 Days

Alaska and Hawaii

State Estimated Transit Time
Alaska (AK) 10-16 Days
Hawaii (HI) 12-20 Days


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