Do It Yourself Medallion Inground Swimming Pools

Medallion Inground pools have been sold as kits and installed by homeowners since our company was founded in 1960. Just take a look at the installation outline below to get an idea of what is involved. Please note that this page is not a complete installation manual and should not be used as such. Remember, an installation manual is included with every pool and spa kit sold and, if you have any questions, our Customer Support personel are ready to help answer them.

Mark the area and dig the hole. Inground pool with first half of dig completed
Set up the walls and braces. Inground pool with wall setup completed
Pour the concrete bond beam. Pouring concrete bond beam around an inground pool
Trowel the pool bottom. Inground pool with pool base completed
Install the coping and finish the plumbing. Inground pool with coping installed
Install the liner. Inground pool with liner being installed
Fill and backfill the pool. Inground pool with liner installed, water going in, and backfill process beginning
ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY! Inground pool and concrete deck complete.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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