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Our swimspas are perfect for anyone who wants an adjustable aquatic workout without causing stress on muscles, joints and bones. Used by professional sports teams, college programs and Olympic training centers for years, our aquatic therapy spas are now available - and affordable - to virtually anyone!

Whether you want to enjoy the exercise benefits of swimspas or are looking for an affordable aquatic exercise spa to have instead of a full pool, we've got the solution.

Why settle for anything less? Medallion Ultra II Swimspas are the aquatic exercise spas you've been waiting for!

We have six sizes available ranging from 7' x 10' to a massive 8' x 14' all with 42" tall walls manufactured from 14ga. galvanized steel. These swimspas are fully self supporting and do not require any external A-frame bracing or a concrete slab to sit on. They don't even need to be anchored to the floor. Our advanced design and simple plumbing connections means that this swimspa can be up and running in less than one day.

For swimming, this swimspa comes with a 4HP BaduStream II Fitness/Swim Machine Through-The-Wall System. The BaduStream II generates a strong yet fully adjustable flow of water. Other standard features include a 50sqft. skim filter, 5.5KW electric heater, digitial control for heat and filtration, 1hp 2 speed filtration pump, and a 3-step stainless steel ladder.

Options available at an additional cost include lights, in-pool corner stairs, benches, insulated cover, and gas heat.

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