Swim Spas

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A swim spa combines the relaxation and hydrotherapy of a hot tub with the freedom and enjoyment of swimming right to your home.


Whether you want to enjoy the therapeutic exercise benefits without stress on muscles, joints and bones, or are seeking an affordable aquatic spa experience as an alternative to an inground swimming pool - Medallion Pools has the solution for you!

Affordable Medallion Ultra II Swim Spas

Medallion offers the same quality of swim spas that is used in hotels, resorts, and health clubs. The Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa is manufactured with top quality materials that have been proven in the inground pool industry for decades. The structure of our swim spas is backed by a 10 year, limited, pro-rated warranty.*

Used by professional sports teams, college programs and Olympic training centers for years, our aquatic therapy spas are now available-and affordable-to virtually anyone!

The Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa offers features of a traditional swimming pool without the complex installation, land requirements, maintenance and cost.

Medallion Offers Some of the Most Affordable Swim Spas

Since we are the manufacturer, Medallion and its dealers can offer extremely competitive pricing. Compared to some of the other prominent names in the industry, you can save up to 65% with a Medallion swim spa.

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Swim Spa Design & Features

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Medallion's swim spas can be customize to your liking based on the space you have and the depth you need.

They can be installed anywhere - above ground, partially inground, or completely inground.

The spa is fully self-supporting so there is no need for concrete slabs, bracing or anchors. Our advanced design & simple plumbing connections mean your swim spa can be installed in most cases in less than a day!

Size: 7'x10', 7'x12', 7'x14', 8'x10', 8'x12', and 8'x14'
Depth**: 42" to 60"
Water Flow: Fully adjustable with 4HP Badu Stream II Through-The-Wall System
Heater: 5.5KW electric
Filter: 50sqft. cartridge & 1hp 2 speed filtration pump

See for Yourself-View the Swim Spa Gallery or Watch our Swim Spa Videos!

How easy is the installation?

With its simple bolt-together design, our swim spa is one of the easiest to install on the market today. This can save you thousands of dollars on installation.

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For you DIY types, this swim spa will be a breeze to assemble. There is no need for a crane or other special lifting equipment. The Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa can be assembled with ordinary household tools in a matter of hours, not days. The installation possibilities aren't limited by land or topography; they're only limited by your imagination. Learn more about DIY Swim Spa Installation.

Customer Reviews

"I purchased Medallion's swim spa 8 years ago and we installed it ourselves (a lawyer and a paralegal; no pool experience) rather simply. Never a problem with it in 8 years of daily use. Medallion Pool's products are rated by me at 100%. Customer service rating 100%. Every aspect of Medallion Pools...100%. If you are a swimmer, BUY IT....it will be the best investment you ever make."

-- M.M. Ringwood, NJ

"We own a Physical Therapy Center and the Ultra Swimspa was so helpful to our customers that we have purchased our second one for another location!"

-- D.V. Benchmark Physical Therapy Brunswick, GA

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Customizable Swim Spa Options

picture swimspa The Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa comes standard equipped with a digital control for heat & filtration and 3-step stainless steel ladder.

You can also choose among a variety of liner patterns from basic solids to mosaic to tile!

Additional swim spa options:

See the full Ultra II Swim Spa brochure for more details!

Ready to take the plunge?

Ready to immerse in a swim spa? You've come to the right place. The experts at Medallion Pools can help with every aspect of designing the private swim and exercise experience you've always dreamed of having right in the comforts of home.

View our extensive swim spa FAQ's or contact us today at (804) 526-7665!

*See warranty card for complete details.

**Approximate overall depth, not water depth.

Product specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice. See your Medallion representative for the most current information.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Spas

  1. Can I install a Swim Spa myself?
    Yes you can! Our do it yourself installation manual covers the installation of your Swim Spa from layout to adding water. In most cases the Ultra II Swim Spa can be assembled in less than a day.
  2. Can I hire someone else to build it for me?
    Yes. You may have a local handyman, or contractor build it for you.
  3. How long will it take to receive my Swim Spa after I have placed my order?
    Once you have ordered your Swim Spa and your order has been processed it is normally shipped from our warehouse within 5-7 working days. The length of time it takes for you to receive your Swim Spa depends on your geographic location. To give you an idea, a shipment to the West Coast normally takes 7 days. If you are in the Midwest, 4 to 5 days. The normal East Coast time is 2 to 3 days. Your Swim Spa will be shipped from our manufacturing center located in Colonial Heights, Virginia.
  4. How deep is my Swim Spa?
    The Ultra II Swim Spa has 42 " walls and a deeper floor is available.
  5. What sizes are available for the Swim Spa?
    The Ultra II Swim Spa comes in the following sizes:
    7' x 10', 7' x 12', 7' x 14', 8' x 10', 8' x 12', 8' x 14'. Please see your pricing information for complete details.
  6. What should I put under my Swim Spa for support?
    The Ultra II Swim Spa can sit directly on graded and compacted earth or concrete. The actual measurements of the slab will depend on the size of the Swim Spa ordered. Please ask your Sales Specialist for complete details.
  7. Can I recess my Swim Spa in a deck?
    Yes. If your deck is large enough for the size Swim Spa ordered. You can also place your Swim Spa up against the side of the deck as well.
  8. Can my Swim Spa be installed below the ground?
    Yes. Please ask your Sales Specialist for details on in ground installation.
  9. How do I heat my Swim Spa?
    Your Swim Spa comes with a spa pack, complete with an electric heater.  Gas heaters (either Natural Gas or Propane), and heat pumps are also available. Discuss with your Sales Specialist about which unit is right for you.  
  10. Does my Swim Spa have freeze protection?
    Remember, you will be using your Swim Spa all year around. Your equipment pack has a built in freeze protection providing that it has a power source. Please consult your owners manual for complete details.
  11. What do I need as far as an electrical supply for my Swim Spa?
    Medallion Pools strongly recommends that you have a certified electrician do all of your electrical work. As local codes may vary please talk to your electrician or building official for details. The Ultra II Swim Spa requires 50 Amp. 220-volt power supply for the spa pack and a 40 Amp. 220-volt power supply for the 4hp BaduStream swim current generator.
  12. What will my Swim Spa look like?
    One of the most important decisions that you will make when ordering your Swim Spa will be your liner pattern and color choice. Unlike other Swim Spa manufacturers, Medallion Pools offers a wide variety of patterns and color choices. You will be supplied with a full color brochure to make your decision easier. Get the whole family involved and vote on it! 
  13. What is used to keep the water clean?
    First of all, your Swim Spa comes standard with a skimfilter, giving you 2 cartridges to filter the water. You can use Nature2®, Chlorine, Bromine, a chlorine generator (salt system), or any other approved sanitizer available on the market to keep your water clean and sparkling. Please note that whenever using a chlorine generator (salt system) it is highly recommended that you install a zinc anode.
  14. Can I put a light in my Swim Spa?
    Yes. You can add an optional light to your Swim Spa order. 
  15. Do you use quality equipment?
    We have been in business since 1960 and associate only with the finest equipment manufacturers in the pool & spa industry. You don't stay in business as long as we have by selling less than quality products to your customers!
  16. What about warranties?
    We've got you covered. Your Swim Spa panels carry a 10-year limited, prorated warranty against manufacturer's defect. Your spa equipment pack, liner, and other accessories are covered per individual manufacturer's warranties. Please see your individual warranty cards for complete information.
  17. Can I take my Swim Spa with me if I move?
    Yes. Simply disconnect the plumbing, drain, and take it away.
  18. Can I change the liner?
    Yes. You may change the liner simply by ordering a new one and putting it in just like you did the first one. This is completely unlike an acrylic spa in which the color can never be changed unless you buy a whole new spa. Liners are relatively inexpensive and years down the road it can give your old spa a brand new look.
  19. How long will the liner last?
    A Swim Spa liner comes standard with a 20 year limited, prorated warranty from the liner manufacturer. However, keep in mind that the actual life of a liner could be shorter or longer depending on water chemistry and other variables. Please see your warranty card or ask your Sales Specialist for complete details.
  20. How do I get a quote for my Medallion Pools Swim Spa?
    It's simple. Fill out the request information page on our web site or call your Medallion Pools Sales Specialist for pricing information.
  21. How do I order?
    Simply call the number listed on our home page, ask to speak to a Medallion Sales Specialist who will assist you and help you decide what size best fits your family's needs. The Sales Specialist will also be able to walk through the whole buying process with you.
  22. How do I pay for my Medallion Swim Spa?
    Medallion accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or you can pay by personal check. You can even wire the money directly from your personal account. Please keep in mind that personal checks require up to a 10-day waiting period before your order can be fully processed.

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