Alternatives To The Standard White Pool Stairs

Yes there are alternatives to standard white pool stairs.

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Have you been thinking about installing your own pool after maybe swimming in your neighbors pool but would like to make some changes? If you were in a vinyl liner pool, maybe you did not like the white walk in step.

With technology today, you can use a stair that does not have to be white. The thermoformed stairs themselves are now also available in blue and gray as well as the traditional white.

For the entry way into your pool, you could add a step that would fit into one of the two shallow end corners and would be covered by your liner. The step would blend in with your liner pattern. You can even have a step made that will fit the width of your pool and be covered with your liner pattern.

The top of this entry way step, you could have a lounger area (water maybe 4″ deep). From this lounger area, you would then walk down the steps into your pool. This entry way step and lounger area would be covered with a liner. No where would a white step be visible. You could even add a bench in the deep end to sit on which would be covered by your liner pattern.

A 6′ cove seat is also available through your Medallion dealer. This takes the place of an 8′ pool wall and offers a semi-circular seating area that extends our from the pool approximately 4-1/2′. Your liner would cover this area as well. Jets can easily be added to this area as well. We now offer the cove seat in 8′ and 10′ models as well.

Contact your Medallion Pool dealer for more information n all of these options.

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