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Carvin Above Ground Pools

The Perfect Addition to Your Summer

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a backyard oasis or a contractor seeking quality options for clients, Carvin Above Ground Pools offer a contemporary, durable solution for summer relaxation and fun.

Innovative Design for Maximum Strength

Carvin Above Ground Pools are crafted with a contemporary design, featuring a two-piece, high-impact resin ledge cover and an interlocking stabilizer for top-notch strength. Available in various sizes, including 15′, 18′, 24′, and 27′ diameter rounds, these pools cater to different space requirements, offering a perfect fit for any backyard.

Durable Materials and Versatility

The pools’ resin frame is UV resistant, enhancing longevity and appearance retention, especially crucial for salt water systems. Carvin pools are compatible with multiple sanitizing systems, including salt and chlorine, providing flexibility and ease of maintenance for homeowners.

Elegant Liner Patterns

Each Carvin pool kit includes a stylish liner, with the current standard being the Allentown Tile – Dark Blue River Print, supplied through Medallion Pools. This elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to your pool.

*Liner patterns may very

Beyond Carvin: Medallion Pools’ Range

Medallion Pools offers a wide array of above ground pool options, from the Carvin model to the versatile St. Croix Freedom48, suitable for sloping yards or partial in-ground installation. For those seeking more variety or custom designs, Medallion’s affordable in-ground pools are also an excellent choice to explore.