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Medallion Pools do it yourself inground pool kits

Medallion Pools’ DIY Inground Pool Kits make pool-building accessible and straightforward. Perfect for both seasoned DIY enthusiasts and beginners, these kits include quality materials and clear instructions, allowing you to effortlessly construct your dream pool in your backyard. Transform your outdoor space into a personal paradise with our comprehensive, user-friendly pool kits.
Step 1

Mark the area and dig the hole

Mark and excavate the site for your DIY inground pool, laying the foundation for your personal aquatic retreat.

Step 2

Set up the walls and braces

Install the pool walls and braces, ensuring a sturdy and well-defined structure for your inground pool.

Step 3

Pour the concrete bond beam

Pour the concrete bond beam to reinforce the pool's structure and ensure lasting stability.

Step 4

Trowel the pool bottom

Carefully trowel the pool bottom to achieve a smooth, even surface for optimal comfort and aesthetics.

Step 5

Install the coping and finish the plumbing

Install the coping and complete the plumbing work to finalize the pool's structure and functionality.

Step 6

Install the vinyl liner

Install the liner to give your pool a seamless, waterproof finish and an inviting appearance.

Step 7

Fill and backfill the pool

Fill the pool with water and backfill around it to secure and complete your inground pool setup.

Step 8

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor by diving into and relishing your newly built DIY inground pool.