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Medallion Pools FunTubs: DIY Spa and Hot Tub Kits

Medallion Pools FunTubs offer unparalleled versatility in DIY spa and hot tub kits. Their design features a simple, bolt-together aluminum shell and vinyl liner, avoiding heavy one-piece shells. While the provided outline offers a basic idea of installation, it’s not a complete guide. Each kit includes a full manual, and Medallion’s Customer Support is always ready to assist with inquiries.

Step 1

assemble the shell and install the coping

Install the hot tub / spa shell and coping, ensuring a sturdy and well-defined structure.

Step 2

Install the hot tub / spa base

Evenly spread and properly level the hot tub / spa base using either vermiculite or the appropriate type of sand.

Step 3

Plumbing and liner installation

Complete the plumbing setup and then carefully install the liner, ensuring it's properly aligned and secure.

Step 4

Fill, finish, and enjoy!!

Fill the hot tub / spa with water to the desired level and then proceed to finalize the exterior with landscaping, decking, or other finishing touches for a complete and aesthetically pleasing look.