Dover Vinyl Liners

About Dover Vinyl Liners and Covers

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOM POOL LINERS. Dover Vinyl Products can make a difference in your backyard. Dover Vinyl Products has been manufacturing custom vinyl swimming pool liners since 1971. We are family owned and operated which enables us to have the hands on ability to oversee the production of all finished liners. Dover Vinyl Products’ reputation for excellent quality, fit and on-time service, remain unsurpassed in our industry. We use only superior quality virgin vinyl material, which is treated with all-climate stabilizers, UV inhibitors and biocides, to prevent mold, mildew and fungus. All material is manufactured in North America. Using the information supplied by our customers, our team generates computerized drawings accurate to within 1/100 of an inch. The drawings are then transferred to one of our computerized cutting systems where it is cut as precisely as it was drawn, assuring superb accuracy and fit. Seams are tested on a daily basis multiple times, to ensure the quality and consistency of all liners that are manufactured in our climate controlled facility. Testing not only assures a quality seam, but also the strength of our bead and the quality of ink adherence. Our liners are backed by a 20 year, 2 year full, pro-rated warranty for 20 mil and 25 year, 2 year full for 28 mil liners. The vinyl components are joined by a die-electric heat seal process that fuses the vinyl material together. To assure maximum quality, the material dimensions and seals are checked and rechecked throughout the entire manufacturing process of every liner.

We use the same principals and standards in our cover fabrication as we do in our liner manufacturing. All covers meet or exceed ASTM standards to ensure our motto of SAFETY is our number 1 concern!! All safety covers are designed to be the safest and strongest as possible. The use of double strapping throughout the entire cover, both topside and bottom, provides up to 50% more break strengths. Aqua-Brella™ is a family owned and operated business for over 24 years, offering a wide variety of cover choices which includes mesh and solid. Shouldn’t Pool Safety be one of your highest concerns? Make sure you ask for it by name

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