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Customize Your Inground Pool with Our Range of Stylish and Functional Options

Medallion Pools' Vinyl Liner Stairs and Seating

Medallion Pools is the go-to for custom vinyl liner inground pool stairs and seating. Our range includes corner, recessed, and wall-to-wall stairs, and custom benches. Ideal for new installations or updating older pools, these stylish options enhance functionality and aesthetics, fitting seamlessly with automatic covers. Consider our tailored solutions for a unique pool upgrade.

Enhance Pool Accessibility with Medallion Liner Corner Stairs

Are you facing challenges with pool access due to aging or a lack of built-in stairs? Concerned about the high costs and construction involved in adding stairs to your existing pool? Or perhaps you’re installing a new pool but space constraints limit stair options? If these scenarios resonate with you, Medallion corner stairs are the solution you’ve been looking for. These stairs offer numerous advantages:
Medallion corner stairs provide an elegant, practical solution for pools, ensuring easy access for people of all ages and enhancing your pool’s functionality and style.

Transform Your Pool with Medallion Pools' Custom Liner Stairs

Medallion Pools sets the standard with its custom liner stairs, offering a range of standout features:
Before deciding on your pool purchase or your next liner change, consider the distinct advantages of Medallion Pools’ custom liner stairs. They not only enhance the aesthetic but also add functionality to your pool space.

Enhance Your Pool with Medallion Pools’ Custom Liner Benches and Seats

Medallion Pools offers custom liner benches and seats that are a stylish and practical upgrade for any inground swimming pool. These versatile additions can be tailored to fit pools of any size or shape. Whether you’re looking for the perfect height to sit and relax with a jet massaging your back, a shallower area for lounging and sun tanning, or a safe, shallow play zone for children, our custom options cater to all these needs and more.
Before making your final decision on a pool purchase or liner replacement, explore the possibilities with Medallion Pools’ custom liner benches and seats. They’re sure to add both comfort and elegance to your swimming pool experience.