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Crafting Perfection Since 1960

Excellence in manufacturing Inground Swimming Pool Kits

At Medallion Pools, we pride ourselves on over six decades of dedication to creating the finest inground swimming pool kits. Our heritage is built on innovation, quality, and a rich history of customer satisfaction.

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Our Legacy

Established in Excellence: Medallion Pools stands tall as a symbol of durability and artistry in inground swimming pool kits manufacturing. Our journey began in 1960, and since then, we’ve committed to producing nothing but the best.

Our Unique Approach

A Wall for Every Need: Unlike any other manufacturer, Medallion Pools offers an unmatched variety of pool wall options. We let you choose the best for your terrain—because choice should be in your hands, not limited by a salesman’s inventory.

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Unparalleled Product Range

Crafting Your Dreams

Custom Designs: Your imagination should be the only limit to your pool's size, shape, and depth. At Medallion Pools, we transform your ideas into reality, ensuring that your pool is as unique as you are.

Material Excellence

Quality That Lasts: From rust-resistant Aluminum to robust Stainless Steel, our inground swimming pool kits are crafted with high-grade materials designed to stand the test of time.

Smart Features and Automation

Simplify Your Swim: Dive into the future with our smart swimming pool automation, making pool maintenance a breeze while offering you the luxury of comfort and convenience.

Aesthetic Flexibility

Coping and Decking Choices: Your pool's edge is just as important as its depth. Select from our wide array of coping options that seamlessly blend with your chosen decking style.

Educating Our Customers

Beyond the Sales Pitch

Honest Comparisons: Cut through the confusion with our factual articles comparing vinyl liner pools and fiberglass pools. Make informed decisions without the pressure of sales tactics.

Investment Insight

The Value of Pools: Is a pool a good investment? Read our two-part series (part 1 & part 2) to understand the true value of adding a swimming pool to your property.

The Medallion Pools Difference


Structural Superiority

Twice the Support: Our inground swimming pool kits are engineered with double the structural support compared to the market standard, ensuring a solid foundation for your aquatic retreat.

Budget-Friendly Options

A Pool for Every Pocket: Quality doesn’t have to break the bank. Medallion Pools offers an array of products to fit diverse budgets without compromising on excellence.

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DIY Spirit

Your Pool, Your Project: For the hands-on homeowner, we provide comprehensive DIY pool kits. Embrace the satisfaction of building your pool, supported by our expert guidance.

The Buying Process

Shape, Size, Depth and More: Choosing your pool’s characteristics can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Our articles and professional advice will support you in every decision, from liner color to filter placement.

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Enhancements and Upgrades

Revitalize Your Pool: Already own a Medallion Pool? Discover ways to rejuvenate your space with our range of updates or browse our selection of vibrant vinyl liner patterns.

Dive Into Quality with Medallion Pools

At Medallion Pools, we don’t just manufacture pools; we craft a legacy of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Contact us or visit our website to learn more about bringing the pool of your dreams to life. With Medallion Pools, every splash tells a story.