Medallion Pools | Above Ground Pools

Flexibility and Innovation in Above Ground Pools

The Medallion St. Croix Freedom Series Pools

The Medallion St. Croix Freedom Series above ground pools stand out in the pool industry for their innovative and flexible design. These pools are uniquely versatile, offering options for inground, above ground, or semi-inground installation, catering to a wide range of preferences and landscape settings.

Multiple Above Ground Pool Installation Choices

The series offers a range of installation possibilities: fully above ground, completely inground, semi-inground, or integrated into a hillside. This adaptability makes it suitable for various terrain types and aesthetic preferences.

Breakthrough in Above Ground Pool Design

The St. Croix Freedom 48 model is a notable innovation, marking a significant advancement in the design and functionality of pools both for Medallion and the wider industry.

Superior Design Features

Unlike some pools that claim to be versatile in their installation, Medallion pools are specifically engineered to include features like integrated concrete walkways and effective water drainage systems, setting them apart from other market offerings.

Key Features of A Medallion St. Croix Pool

Flexible Installation for Various Landscapes

The pools can adapt to different settings, including hillside installations, featuring attractive design elements like vinyl siding, wood top caps, and wood decks.

Expandable Design
A unique aspect of the St. Croix series is the ability to easily adjust the pool’s size by adding or removing wall panels. This modular design allows for future pool expansion or downsizing.
Easy Upgrade Options

The pools start at a standard size, like 18’, with the option to expand by adding more walls and liners, offering an efficient and cost-effective way to upgrade the pool size over time.

Installation and Quality Aspects

Structural Superiority
These pools are designed for a straightforward installation process, whether it be above ground, semi-inground, or fully inground, providing flexibility and ease for any setting.
High-Quality Construction

Built with durable, high-quality aluminum and featuring top-of-the-line hung liners, these pools are designed for longevity and performance.

Customizable Size and Design
Available in various diameters, the pools offer a range of size options to fit different spaces. The liner patterns are customizable, with the standard pattern subject to change, offering a personalized touch.

The Versatility and Innovation of Medallion Pools

The Medallion St. Croix Freedom Series pools represent a significant step forward in pool design, offering unprecedented flexibility, ease of installation, and quality. These pools are an excellent choice for anyone looking to combine the aesthetics and functionality of inground pools with the adaptability of above-ground options. Their innovative design, expansion capabilities, and range of customization options make them a standout choice in the pool market.