Salt Water Vs Fusion

An essay on the differences of Salt Water Vs Fusion Systems

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As a legitimate newbie in the pool industry I am learning a lot about the general nature of the business. I have yet to experience that “epiphany moment” with regards to what you would call “no-brainers” in pool construction (and reasoning used to make plumbing choices). I have though, experienced many of what I have termed “Mini-Piphs”. These I define as the baby steps of the epiphany world. My first “Mini-Piph” came out of a conversation I had with Pete and Grace here at Medallion Pools. That conversation was about the pros and cons of both the Intellichlor salt system (chlorine generator) and the Fusion Inground Nature 2 system. What is the difference between the two? How is one better (or worse) than the other? And how do they ultimately affect the overall performance of your filtration system?

First, the Intellichlor system is electrically run. It is a small inline rectangular box that is added to the
plumbing between the filter and the pool. The Intellichlor system uses electrolysis to convert salt into chlorine, resulting in a very clean and soft water condition in your pool. The Intellichlor system has the ability to sanitize on five different levels that can be selected on its control pad and is fully integrated into the Pentair automation system. The suggested retail price of the Intellichlor system is about $1500 and has a lifespan of 3-4 years.

The Fusion Inground (nature2) system is a non mechanical, non electrical inline system that uses a
combination of chlorine tablets and mineral cartridge. Although it still uses chlorine, it is not necessary to use even 50% of what would normally be used and the mineral cartridge last an entire swim season. The chlorine hopper is adjustable as well so if you feel there is too much chlorine you can reduce the concentration with an adjustment handle. The Fusion Inground Nature2 system retails around $599 at the time of this writing and because of its non-mechanical nature does not have a specified lifespan.

Secondly, the Intellichlor system requires salt, soft water and electricity to run. How much salt? It
depends on the size of your pool, but you will ultimately need to maintain a salinity of 3,400ppm to
enjoy the benefits of this system. This need for salt will require a space for storage as well (as you can get better bulk pricing on salt as well as having it on hand for adjustments). The fact that it is electrically run means you will need an electrician to do the install. None of these things are negatives; they are simply things you will need to prepare for. There is no question that this Intellichlor system works and works well.

The Fusion Inground Nature 2 system reduces your chemical use by 50%. Because it is not electrically run, you can add the Fusion system to your existing plumbing without any problem. The overall running cost is a fraction of the Intellichlor system as there is no cost for electric or the salt (or front end installation). The Fusion Inground Nature 2 system is only a third of the price and requires only minimal attention to operate. Its lifespan is also much longer. The Fusion system is the perfect system for an above ground pool as well as the inground pool owner that is new to pools and their workings and also has a budget to consider. You can’t find a better system in this price range.

Lastly, both of these systems are going to perform very well for you. The major consideration between them is initial cost, running cost and replacement cost. Their quality is not something we question at this point as we have had great results with both systems. At the end of the day these systems are better for the environment and for “Us” physically than the traditional chemical pools we grew up with.

Finally, should you have any desire to find any information about these systems, the team at Medallion Pools is ready and willing to assist you. Have a look at our website to see what we offer regarding your need for spas, FunTubs, above ground and inground pools as well as everything that is involved in the upkeep of your pool including the Intellichlor and Fusion Inground Nature 2 systems.

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