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Medallion Pools - FunTub II

The FunTub II line from Medallion Pools redefines spa placement flexibility. Unlike traditional 2000-pound spas, the FunTub II can be assembled in any location, fitting through standard doorways and hallways. This versatility extends to outdoor settings, making it a perfect addition to decks or backyards, enhancing the ambiance and becoming a neighborhood highlight.

Therapeutic Advantages of the FunTub II

Experience the ancient benefits of hot water therapy with Medallion’s FunTub II. Renowned for its therapeutic value, hot water in these spas offers relaxation and significant relief for sore muscles, joints, and chronic back pain. Universities and medical professionals endorse the health benefits, making the FunTub II an ideal choice for home spas and hot tubs. It’s time to consider the wellness advantages of owning a spa.

Superior Quality and Value

Medallion’s FunTub II stands out in the market for its exceptional value and quality. Disregarding the common market trend of focusing on jet quantity, Medallion emphasizes water volume, offering a more substantial spa experience. With over 60 years in the business, Medallion Pools guarantees reliability and customer satisfaction with the FunTub II.

FunTub II: For Family Fun and Wellness

The innovative design of Medallion Pools’ FunTub II makes it a versatile choice for both therapeutic purposes and family entertainment. Whether it’s for health benefits or for enjoying relaxing moments with family and friends, the FunTub II provides an ideal setting for various occasions.

Innovations and Customization

The FunTub II boasts features like affordability, ease of installation, and a variety of sizes. With the lowest shipping costs, deepest spa design, and an array of liner patterns, it offers something for everyone. The spa includes advanced electronic digital controls, a real in-wall skimmer, and is compatible with several sanitation systems, emphasizing its status as a state-of-the-art, comfortable, and reliable spa choice.

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