Swim Spa Versatility

Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa Versatility

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In my personal opinion, I believe the Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa is one of the most versatile and unique products that we offer. It can be used as a small pool to cool down in, a heated spa for relaxation and therapy, or even used as a piece of fitness equipment. Depending on your needs,
you can alter our Swim Spa in a way that works best for you. There are quite a few add-on features to choose from that can enhance your Swim Spa experience.

Have you considered a rectangular pool, but you are limited with the amount of space you
have? Our Swim Spas are available in sizes as small as a 7’X10’, and as large as an 8’X14’. The
Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa can be installed above ground, inground or partially inground.
Another great feature is the ability to choose a liner pattern that suits your taste.

Maybe you would like to use our Swim Spa as a sanctuary to relax in? Each Swim Spa comes
equipped with a 5.5KW heater so you can warm up to a relaxing temperature. You can even add
a long bench, or a short bench combined with a jet package to enhance your spa experience.
You can even add an LED light for when you are enjoying your spa at night.

Another add-on that you can enhance your Swim Spa with is a BaduStream 4HP single jet swim
current generator. You can use this feature to exercise by swimming against the current, or you
can even use as resistance for water aerobics.

Whether you are using the Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa as a pool, heated spa, to exercise with or
all of the above, it will provide many years of enjoyment for you, your family and your friends.

George M.
Swimming Pool Outlet Manager

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