Swimming Pool Automation

Are you thinking about installing a Swimming Pool but wondering where the equipment will go and will you be able to understand how to operate it or find the time to learn how?

pump outdoor filtering system swimming pool

Swimming pool automation is your answer. You can schedule the control of your pool or spa right from your house. Systems that are on the market are designed for ease and simplicity.

Your pool pump, heater, salt system and even spa can be wired into the Automation System. You can even add a wireless remote or even use your smart phone. No more trips out to the pump to turn it on and off. Do it from inside your home. Want the spa hot and ready for you when you get home from work? use your phone to turn up the temperature. The type of system you will need will depend on what type of pool or spa equipment you have. Your swimming pool dealer will be able to provide this answer.

Systems are designed to operate a pool, spa, or both. Push a button from inside your house to harm up your pool or spa so they are ready for when you need that time to relax. Lights for the pool or spa or both can also be added to these systems. Special valves with powered actuators can be added to turn on the water to your slide, waterfall, step jets, or any other water feature.

Some of these systems have built in diagnostics to let you know all systems are functioning correctly or what needs to be corrected. These systems also have built in programmable features. These systems are designed to free up your time and give you more time to relax and unwind. See your local swimming pool dealer soon to learn more.

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