Swimming Pool Dealers

Now that you have made the decision to purchase an Inground Swimming Pool, Who do you call and what do you ask? If some of your friends have a pool, you might ask them who they got their pool from. You could look online for Swimming Pool Dealers in your area and give them a call.

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Next, visit their showroom. It is much easier to visualize how something will look in your yard when you have seen and stood next to the full size version. Many of your questions can be much more easily answered by your salesperson if they can simply walk you over to the product and show you, as opposed to using pictures and brochures.

You have made that appointment to see your first Dealer, were they on time? Did they call you if they were going to be late? Did they make the appointment with you on a day and time that was convenient with you? Did they make a good first impression? Did they talk bad about other pool dealers? How long have they been in business?

Along with the price you receive from a pool dealer, these questions should also play a part in your decision on which pool company you want to do business with. The person coming into your home should be prepared and able to answer your questions. If not, he/she should be able to get you the answers in a timely manner. They should spend your time talking about their own company and products, giving you reasons why you should choose them. They should not spend your time telling you how awful their competitors are any why you should not hire them.

A photo album showing pictures of their pool installations during construction stages and completion stages should be a part of their meeting with you. The ability to look at your yard and make recommendations on pool size, location, elevation and any potential construction issues should be areas they should discuss with you.

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