Swimming Pool Depth Options

What are my swimming pool depth options?

032 Rectangle with 6in Radius Corners

This is a question that is asked the most by the family that is looking into installing an inground swimming pool. The shallow end of the pool has normally been 42” deep with a water depth of about 3’. If you are looking for more depth in the shallow end, 48” panels are available with a water depth of about 3-1/2’.

The deep end of your pool will depend on how you want to use it. Would you like a pool that you could play volleyball in, maybe put up a basketball goal? If so, then you might want to consider a pool with a 5’ deep end. With this type of pool, you can use the whole pool for recreation and be able to touch the bottom without it being over your head.

If you love to dive, then choose a pool with at least an 8’ deep end. When choosing a diving pool make sure to examine the requirements of any diving equipment you may be installing.

With a deep end pool, make sure you understand the length of the shallow end. You are not going to want to dive all the time and will want some pool area you can play in. Depending on the size pool you purchase, some sizes may only have a shallow end that is 6’ in length.

The deep end depth is a choice that will take some consideration. Do you want to dive more or play games more while using your pool? Only you and your family can make that decision. Make sure the pool dealer you are consulting with informs you the floor dimensions of the pool you are considering. Many pool sizes and shapes will offer you the best of both worlds; diving and playing games.

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