Update An Inground Pool

What are some options to update an inground pool?

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It’s the middle of winter and your thoughts are already thinking about next pool season. I just can’t wait to remove the cover and see our family back in our swimming pool. I would like to make some changes. What can I do to improve the look of our pool?

Your pool may be one of the older vinyl liner pools that never had a step installed to enter and exit the pool. Maybe you are still using a ladder. You might be thinking it is a good time to install a new liner pattern and get a much darker blue look to your pool water. If you have made that decision to install a new liner, that is also a great time to have a permanent step installed.

With technology of today, you would have the option of adding a step in the corner or even across the entire shallow end of your pool without having to break up any of your pool patio. Your liner installer could do all the measuring and the liner manufacturer would make the liner to fit the pool and the step. The new liner would fit over the step. The step material could also be textured and non-skid.

When you do install your new liner, you should also install new skimmer and return face plates. This will give your pool a more modern look with your new liner and step. There are even options available for different colored faceplates such as light blue, gray, dark blue, and even black.

You and your family and friends will now be swimming in a new look pool, lot easier entry and exit at very affordable prices. Contact your local Medallion pool dealer to learn more about the liner step and the different liner patterns.

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