Vinyl Liner Pools Have Grown Up

Toss out any image you may have perceived about the looks of Vinyl Liner Pools.

014 True Kidney

Vinyl liner pools have grown up. Technology has enabled this type of pool to look like a concrete pool but at a very affordable price. Virtually any shape or size can now be manufactured and built.

The white walk in step, that some people just do not like, can be replaced with liner steps. These steps can extend across the width of the pool and you can even add a sun lounger area. If the sun lounger with liner steps is not to your liking, the walk in step now comes in blue or grey. This type of walk in step is also available with twin seats. This gives you room for people to sit and others to enter and exit your pool.

The standard white coping known as Receptor Coping can be replaced with side mount if you want to use bull nose bricks around the edge of your pool or top mount if you want to pour a cantilever deck around your pool. This white coping would not be visible with side mount or cantilever. There are even new cantilever forms out there that allow your concrete deck contractor to offer a variety of edge profiles that previously were only available if you used stone.

Forget using a ladder to exit the deep end of your pool. Add an 8′ swim-out with room for two people to sit or lean back in with steps to exit the pool. consider as an option using a 6′ In Wall Seat. This takes the place of a pool panel and ideal for two people to sit in with the option of adding jets to massage your lower back. Custom liner covered versions are also available if you want it to have a much more built in look that the white models.

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