Where Do I Put The Pool Filter

Placement of the Filter and pump system or where do I put the pool filter.

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When you make the decision to purchase a pool, be sure you discuss with the pool company the location of your equipment. A lot of potential problems can be resolved up front with the proper communication and installation.

The distance from the pool is not the first factor to consider, but the distance from the skimmer will determine the pump size and plumbing configuration. With multiple skimmers bear in mind that you will get more suction from the skimmer closest to the pump and least from the one furthest from the pump.

You will like to install the base of the filter level with the top of the pool. If installed this way, you can easily remove the basket from the pump for cleaning. If the equipment is installed higher than the water level, every time you remove the basket from the pump to clean it, all the water in your plumbing lines will flow back to the pool and the pump could be hard to prime when you turn it back on.

If the base of the filter is installed lower then the water level in the pool, every time you remove the basket from the pump to clean it, pool water will flow out very quickly. If installed this way, ask the installer to put in some cut off valves that you can close the pool water so you now can remove your basket.

While all this may seem like a lot to take in, in the end these are not usually hard decisions to make. Locations that may not seem ideal can be greatly improved with a little lattice work and/or some properly chosen plants. Remember to look at your back yard as a whole, and not just individual pieces. Like a good puzzle, it will all come together in the end.

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